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Belleville Storage Unit Sizing and Price Guide

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“What size of storage unit do I need?” … It’s not always easy trying to think of what the perfect size storage unit might be for you. So we have arranged some information below to help you get a better feel for what you may need depending on what you’re looking to put in storage! We have small storage units, medium sized storage units, and of course, large storage units providing lots of space for storage and for those large items.

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Our Indoor Storage Units

Storage unit sizing guide 6x8 in

6'x8' (48 sq.ft.)

$ 110

A compact but spacious unit, great for decluttering every day life and storing personal items; various boxes, clothing, skis, children’s toys, even small furniture items. Also ideal for storing business records and sales rep materials. This unit is also ideal for storing E bikes, and motorcycles, being indoors it’s a great way to safely store them and preserve their batteries at the same time.

Storage unit sizing guide 7.5x8 in

7.5'x8' (60 sq.ft.)

$ 130

About the size of an average garden shed. ​Personal items, clothing, various boxes, skis, toys, some small furniture items, appliances, and some seasonal patio equipment.

Storage unit sizing guide 9.5x8in

9.5'x8' (76 sq.ft.)

$ 155

Almost the size of a large closet. This size is ideal for a small apartment, or for decluttering your home or office. This will fit small amounts of furniture, sofas, chairs, dressers, Queen mattress and boxspring, some business supplies/records, plus other small boxes and smaller items.

Storage unit sizing guide 8x19in

8'x19' (152 sq.ft.)

$ 250

Our largest indoor unit. Spacious enough to handle storage needs for a large home or inventory from your business. Declutter your entire space, and place your largest items in this unit. Long couches, bedroom sets, furnishings, mattress sets, appliances, seasonal equipment as well as all of your boxes.

*Pricing before tax

Our Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x10in

8'x10' (80 sq.ft.)

$ 132

The size of a large closet. Our smaller yet very spacious outdoor unit. Use this as an extra shed, temporary storage, or to regain your garage space at home, business items, or to for decluttering your everyday space.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x12in

8'x12' (96 sq.ft.)

$ 140

This unit is ideal for decluttering or holding contents from a smaller 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or home. Large enough to handle some small appliances or furnishings, various sized boxes.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x13in

8'x13' (104 sq.ft.)

$ 150

Idea for decluttering or holding contents 2 bedroom apartment or home between moving. Large enough to handle some small appliances or seasonal furnishings, and various sized boxes.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x14in

8'x14' (112 sq.ft.)

$ 160

Large enough for a 2-3 bedroom apartment or home between moving. This space is large enough to handle some small appliances, seasonal furnishings, and/or various sized boxes.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x15in

8'x15' (120 sq.ft.)

$ 180

Large enough for a 3 bedroom home, business inventory, large indoor/outdoor items, seasonal storage and more.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x20in

8'x20' (160 sq.ft.)

$ 210

This unit will hold contents of your spacious 3 bedroom home, as well as your exterior belongings. This space is also commonly used for business supplies, inventory and/or furnishings.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x25in

8'x25' (200 sq.ft.)

$ 245

About the same area as a 1.5 car garage. Will fit items from a 3+ bedroom home, all of your outdoor furnishings, garage items, and much more. This unit is capable of storing vast amounts of business inventory, racking, large business furnishings, etc.

Outdoor Storage unit sizing guide 8x40in

8'x40' (320 sq.ft.)

$ 340

Our largest storage unit! Larger than a 2 car garage, this is a very versatile option. Store all of your largest items and still have room for the smaller ones. Storage for a large 4+ bedroom home in between relocation. Major appliances, large furnishings. Lots of space for business inventory, racking for supplies, and all of your furnishings.

*Pricing before tax