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Bellevilles Mobile Storage Units

Containers on Wheels!

​Meet Our Herd of COWs

Want to make your move as simple as possible?

Container on wheels

Problem solved! Our COWs are a versatile solution; mobile storage at its best!

They don’t mooo, they MOOOVE!  They store. Containers On Wheels. What does this really mean to you? It means you don’t need to drive to us. Our Cows are delivered to your doorstep or wherever you need. From there you can fill it up and we can have it moved to your next home, or brought to our facility to be stored. Ideal during a renovation, decluttering, and local or long distance moves. COWs are Quinte areas mobile storage containers.

Great for:

  • Moving your residence
  • Moving your business
  • Bridging the gap between moving – We’ll hold your stuff
  • Portable storage
  • On-site storage
  • Temporary storage
Best self storage in Ontario
The COW’s are your goto on-site, and off-site versatile mobile storage answer. Mobile storage containers will revolutionize how you move from now on. A cost efficient moving solution!

Order your COW Today!

Simply, how It Works:

We conveniently drop off your COW

Load it up

Time to MOOOVE it - to the next location

Unload Your COW

Now it’s your turn! You load it up, fill the storage container at your own pace!.

The COW will stay put for you! Our container stays put as long as needed. With this mobile, on-site storage solution, we’re flexible to your needs. Don’t worry about rushing. Allowing you to stay organized, access things as you need, and remain on-site and in-place until you’re 100% ready.

Once your mobile container is secured and locked. We will come pick up the container. Now it’s time to bring it to the next location. Don’t have anywhere to bring it? That’s fine. Let us be your temporary storage solution. We can store it at OUR facility as long as needed OR we can bring it directly to your new location.​

The COW is not at its final resting spot. Set in the perfect spot, ready for you to unload. Again, at your own leisure. Unload what you need, save the rest until the right time. Once emptied, we’ll come take the COW away! The transaction is complete.

Why our COWS are so awesome?

  • Convenient. Delivered directly to you!
  • Hassle-free mobile self storage
  • We will store your container until you need it
  • We bring your container to your final destination​
  • Cost effective, secure storage
  • Ground level containers. Easy to load and unload 
  • We make moving and hauling a breeze!
Containers on wheels
COWs are a convenient & flexible, portable storage option!