Self Storage Tips – Everything You Need to Know!

Belleville Storage Tips

Are you looking for the best storage unit to rent in the area but having a hard time narrowing it down? Worry no more. At Store It Solutions, we will present you with helpful tips to guide you in your endeavours.
We always urge our clients to try their luck in renting storage units regardless of their needs. We never overlook any client or assume that everyone in need of a storage unit knows how the rental procedure entails. We diligently enlighten our large clientele base on how to go about the entire process without qualms.
You are lucky if you are looking for Belleville self storage units, as we provide you with incredible tips to help you undertake every stage of the storage unit rental procedure from shopping, packing to vacating.

With this in mind, here are great tips to guide you in your endeavours.

  1. Do Your Research Before Renting
  2. If it’s your first time renting a storage unit in the Belleville and Quinte area, you will score great deals if you research widely for the available options. Seek out all potential storage locations that are in your desired area, and hit the amenities that you require. Find out more about the local companies that are ready to lend an exceptional storage facility at great prices.
    Compare their deals and settle on a company that will satisfy your needs and requirements. On your hunt, ask yourself some questions:
    Is the available storage unit close to my house?
    Does the service provider of choice offer remote leasing services?
    Does the size of the available units satisfy my needs?

  3. Determine the Right Size of the Storage Unit Your Need
  4. It’s stressful to really narrow down and decide on the right the size of the storage unit you need if you are renting one for the first time. Many people incur losses after picking a large unit than what they need or too small to meet their needs. You need to ask yourself, “What size of my storage unit do I need?”, if you’re needing assistance with that questions we are here to help!

    Before you make up your mind on the right size to choose, create a rough inventory of all the items you plan to store in the unit. Go on and put into consideration how long you are going to use the storage unit. At Sore It Solutions, we offer small storage units, medium-size units, or large storage units.

  5. Look at the Pros and Cons of Available Storage Options
  6. The two main types of storage units you can rent stress-free are indoor storage units or outdoor stage units. We offer a variety of each! To make up your mind on the best type to pick, look at the available unit’s pros and cons.

    Pros of Indoor storage units

    • Will protect your items from harsh climatic conditions.
    • Offer more access, regardless of the time of day or night.
    • Maximum security as your unit is inside of another building.

    Cons of Indoor storage units

    • Typically more expensive
    • Usually smaller and can’t accommodate as many items

    Pros of Outdoor Storage Units

    • Large enough to store many goods
    • Easy and convenient to get to your storage unit as there is a drive-up access
    • Can create more space to store more items
    • Sometimes can be viewed as a an option for cheap storage units

    Cons of Outdoor Storage Units

    • Vulnerable to bad weather conditions,
    • More prone to pest infestation
    • With the many benefits of the available storage units, it’s upon you to decide which type best suits your needs and situation.
  7. Ensure the Available Storage Unit is Insured
  8. Location is key here. Is the facility you’re looking at secure? What are the odds of your belongings being tampered with? You don’t want to have to start again from zero. It’s wise to choose secure storage units such as Store It Solutions, that are insured against any kind of catastrophes.
    Tenant insurance offers coverage in the event of unexpected calamities. You will thus protect your belongings against any form of unforeseen compromise. Go on and use an applicable renter’s insurance policy. Alternatively, with some insurance providers you can add your storage unit into your homeowner’s insurance.

      Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

      At Store It Solutions, we strive to stay on par and above our competitors, and we won’t hesitate to enlighten you on how to package your storage unit. Here are helpful tips:

      1. Keep Your Belongings Safe
      2. A safe unit is a good one. It should not be hard to keep your belongings safe. For example, you have to go out of your way and buy the most secure safety lock. Always account for what is inside your storage unit. Have an inventory you can refer to and account for each item.
        Significantly, choose a self storage Belleville that is secure enough to use all year round. Some of the features to consider include:

        • Surveillance monitoring
        • Adequate lighting
        • Gates with access codes that are not easy to crack
        • Well-maintained property
      3. Keep the Unit Organize and Tidy
      4. When putting items in a storage unit, sometimes you might store them in a hurry and a chaotic manner. Unfortunately, it becomes a disaster and quite taxing when packing or unpacking goods to or from your unit. It’s rewarding to know where you are packing your items and have a reliable inventory of them.
        Start loading large items first, packing them tightly as possible to create more space for your smaller boxes and belongings. Then label the different items you store and have a comprehensive diagram showing where each item is stored.

      5. Store Every Item Correctly
      6. At all times, you should store your item correctly and keep mental notes of where an item may be, and how often you’ll need to access it. By doing this you’ll be sure to not place important items in a buried or hard to access spot. Here is how to go about it and store your goods aptly:
        Keep as many belongings as you can off the floor. Wood pallets can help lift off everything from the ground level.
        Use plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes to store items in your unit.
        Invest in a climate-controlled unit for fragile items.

      Vacating a Storage Unit–Tips to Help

      Vacating a storage unit is not that easy as you may think. You may find it daunting if you don’t know where to start. This is why it is CRUCIAL to know the fine print up-front before committing to a rental agreement. Here are tips to guide you in your endeavours:

      1. Give a Comprehensive Notice before Vacating
      2. Depending on how long you plan to rent the available storage unit, it’s wise to give notice before you move out. Before you rent a unit, ask what policy dictates canceling your leasing. Some storage unit providers will require a month’s written notice and will charge an extra month’s rent if you don’t comply with the policy.

      3. Don’t Break Set Rental Rules.
      4. You wouldn’t want to be penalized for breaking the set standard storage unit rules. Some instances can lead to loss of belongings or having them auctioned off if you can’t clear damages caused or penalties. Most Belleville storage units come with defined rules, and here are a few to keep in mind:
        Under no circumstance should one reside in a storage unit.
        Don’t conduct business out of your storage unit, unless it’s a special unit.
        Don’t store or use hazardous power tools or gasoline inside your unit.
        Don’t keep items like fireworks or weapons in your storage unit.

      5. Be Conscious of Your Rent Payment Schedule
      6. To be on good records of your storage unit company, always pay your rent in full and on time. Inquire more about the payment procedure and options at your disposal before renting. Don’t end up paying costly late fines.
        Read your rental contract to avoid any misunderstandings. You don’t want your equipped unit to be repossessed due to delayed rent arrears.

      We hope that this information will be valuable to you! With these storage unit tips at your fingertips, we hope that we can help guide you to choosing the best storage unit for you in Belleville. At Store It Solutions, we are here to help and make your search for the best storage unit stress-free. Call us today to find out what more we have in store for you.