Self Storage, Moving, and Safety. Help During COVID-19

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Rest assured Quinte area, at Store It Solutions we’re here to help!

Ever since Canadians first began heard about COVID 19, how it spread, and how it has detrimentally
affected the lives of so many people, we quickly and dramatically changed our daily lives. The storage industry as a whole–like most other industries–has been shaken. We have altered our perspectives to keep their clients best interest in mind. Allowing companies such as us to continue serving their customers during a time of need.

Understanding that the best way to keep our friends, families, and ourselves safe, we began to practice strict
sanitary routines and to adhere to social distancing measures. To do this successfully has also meant most
non-essential services having to close their doors. Luckily for us, we remain open! Serving our customers during a time of need.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this sudden shutdown, many people had already committed to the process
of purchasing a new home or closing the sale on their existing property. This process is not something that
can be easily canceled or postponed. But you don’t have to feel stuck! Others have been adversely affected due to the increased uncertainty surrounding the economy, income, and jobs. Too many Canadians have been forced to alter their living situations just to survive.

The team at Store It Solutions remains committed to doing whatever we can to help keep our customers’
storage or moving needs as easy and safe as possible while moving in the Belleville and surrounding areas during the pandemic. We understand even in these uncertain times; people are committed to moving homes, and waiting on their real estate transactions to close, whether they want to or not. We make a commitment to these people to
ensure that their moves will still be completed as safely and comfortably as possible.

As you can probably appreciate at this time, the health and safety of our staff and customers across Ontario remain our
number one priority. With this in mind, here are some tips and helpful information on how to safely move
whether you choose to use our services are not.

Choosing the DIY route

The easiest way to prevent your items from getting contaminated when moving is to handle them all yourself. Managing all the loading, packing, unloading, and unpacking is by far your safest moving option. Here are a few DIY moving options worthy of consideration

DIY option A) Try a moving container!

If you’re fully committed to staying in control of your move, then a service like our COWS (Containers on Wheels) would be a great option. This is our mobile storage option, which, during these unprecedented times has seen a spike in demand. It just makes sense! And removes stress while moving. You retain complete control of the storage container as the only person packing and handling your items, easing your mind of any sanitary concerns, and yet providing outstanding secure storage.

If you would like to use our COWs service to help with your self storage needs during, before, or after your move, here is what it will look like. We can deliver your Container on Wheels well in advance of your moving date so you can load it in your own time. That part of the process is complete. All you have to do is add your padlock to the sealed container, and we will pick it up to either store it securely until you’re ready to have it delivered or move it to your chosen location.

Here are just some of the steps that we’ve taken to ensure our drivers and customers remain safe

  • Drivers are instructed to keep 6 feet away from customers at all times.
  • No contact is allowed with other people while delivering containers.
  • All empty containers are put in a 72-hour quarantine before ever being reused.
  • The key advantages of using a Container on Wheels
  • You handle all of your items.
  • Load and pack at your own pace.

Any of our Containers on Wheels that were shipping containers remain, rodent, wind and waterproof, as well as being exceptionally secure.

Call us today to learn more about our COWs!
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DIY Option B) Rental Truck

You go down the road renting a moving truck, and you also know that you’re the only one that will be
handling the loading and unloading of your items. The only negative being, to make it cost-effective, you
will have to complete the move in a few days. Of course, there are alternatives to that situation as well by choosing to rent a storage unit to mitigate the moving gap! (and of course we provide those! check out our storage unit pricing and sizing … we’ll help you chose!)

Rental trucks have the advantages the ability to handle your goods. If you chose to go this route, here are some questions that you need to ask:
Have you the ability to securely store my goods during the move and if so will there be any additional costs? (i.e the need to rent a personal storage unit)
How long do I have to complete the move?
Have you taken any safety measures to ensure your rental truck was cleaned outside and in between
If I have to keep the truck longer than anticipated, will there be additional unforeseen costs?

Safety measures before completing the move

It is difficult to stress just how important this step is to your health and safety. Before you ever unload your
moving truck or moving container or allow your full-service provider to complete the move. You have to be prepared to sanitize your new home thoroughly. Thankfully the Canadian Government has provided
extensive guidelines for the disinfecting or cleaning of any individual or public space; these are all available online.

A summary of what the Government knows:
Early evidence shows the virus can stay on surfaces from a few hours to a few days, how long it is not completely clear yet. They advise only to use products that disinfect and clean at the same time. If the location has carpets or other soft surfaces, you should arrange for them to be professionally cleaned beforehand.

Contact the team at Store It Solutions if you have any questions. We understand that moving under normal circumstances is stressful. Why take on the added worry surrounding the safety of you and your family from
COVID-19, during such a move. Leave it to the professionals who remain dedicated to making you safe about all your storage and moving needs.

Alternatively to DIY, you can use a full service moving company

If, like many other people, you find yourself already committed to using a full-service company. Or you
know you will need some help with the loading and unloading of your belongings. You must speak directly
with the company to get clarification on all the safety precautions that they put in place for their employees
and customers. Advantages to using a full-service provider and that you don’t have to worry about loading, packing, unloading, and unpacking as the company provides all the labor. These movers will stay with you to move all your items from the current location to your chosen location.

Questions you need to ask:

  • Have all your staff be equipped with gloves, protective clothing, masks, and hand sanitizer on any
    other safety gear that we need?
  • Have been trained to implement extensive and strict sanitizing and cleaning practices to ensure all their moving equipment like straps, blankets, etc., as well as the exterior and interior of their trunks, are kept sanitized?
  • Have you implemented a monitoring program to ensure that any of your staff who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to stay at home?
  • Do you provide a virtual walkthrough of my home to ensure you’re moving quotation will be accurate?
  • What is your company’s date change or cancellation policy?
  • Will we have the option of secure storage during our move if it is necessary?

Remember to inquire if they’re using a third-party to provide this service. If so, they will have to verify the safety measures in place.